About Us

Shenk Machinery Company, Inc.

SMC has been in existence for over fifteen (22) years. Bob Shenk has over 48 years of machine tool experience with 42 of those years here in The Bay Area.

We specialize in turnkey projects, but that is not to say that we don’t also work for that single machine project. Quite often our customers are looking for an ultra precision solution, or require a “cutting edge” technology product to enable them to thrive and not just survive in today’s economic condition.

If you are a producer of :

- Medical & dental parts

- Vacuum chambers

- Semi-conductor manufacturing equipment

- Micro-wave components


- Aero-space parts

- Computer related parts

- Solar

and for many more related machining activities, think of us.

Some of our more recent successes involve:

5 Axis Gantry Machining Centers – high speed, linear motor drives, 24,000 rpm

5 Axis turn / mill, some with 30,000 rpm spindles

10 nanometer resolution ultra precision turning machines featuring linear motor drives

Bridge type routers with over 3,000 ipm feed rates for aluminum and plastic applications.

Simple tool room surface grinder and a 2 axis turning center.

Service and support is very important. We offer excellent locally based new machine installation, application and turnkey assistance as well as the full spectrum of continuing service related needs. Shenk Machinery is a small enough operation so that we do not get “over run” with service requirements. This lets us communicate quickly with service requests.

Thank You,
Bob Shenk